Tikleshwar Temple

Tikleshwar Temple

If you wish to experience the true beauty of nature and a peaceful atmosphere, you must make it a point to visit the Tikleshwar temple near Devrukh in Sangmeshwar Taluka of Maharashtra in India. Situated in the beautiful green ranges of the Sahyadris, the Tikleshwar temple is one of the major pilgrimage spots that you cannot afford to miss during your visit to Ratnagiri in the Konkan region. Every year Sangameshwar experiences heavy monsoon due to its location in the vicinity of Sahyadris.

Standing on top of the Tikaleshwar Mountain, you can see the long spread dense green forests, terrifyingly steep valleys and the glorified beauty of the rugged Sahyadris. Very few people know about this temple as it is situated deep in the forest ranges. Like the famous Marleshwar waterfall, the nearby Tikleshwar temple has remained unknown to the tourists. If you travel along the path that leads to Tikleshwar, you can easily notice the temple painted in white from a considerable distance. The area of the temple is pretty spacious. Along with the devotees, many trekkers and mountaineers are attracted towards the beautiful valleys of the Tikaleshwar. Just opposite the temple, there is a concrete rooftop provided for the shelter of the devotees and visitors.

There is a Pradakshina Marg just below the peak which is a path around the temple which allows the devotees to circle the temple. This is an ancient tradition which is followed by all the Indian devotees. One can find some caves and stone cisterns consisting of clean, pure water on that path.

The view of the valleys and the mountain ranges seen from the top of the temple is truly mesmerizing. You can see the Maimatgad fort to the east and a road leading to the Marleshwar temple from the top of the mountain. There is a path from the top of the hill that leads through the Gothane village, the Kundi Ghat leading from the Kundi village to the Chandel village, all of this area can be seen from the top of the Tikleshwar temple mountain. This whole region has been declared as a reserved and protected forest area. Thus, the Tikleshwar temple is situated at a unique location.

The Talawde village situated at the base of Tikaleshwar is 4 km away from Devarukh. A new road has been constructed from there which takes to Tikaleshwar Mountain. You can also drive up almost 3/4th distance. But you have to climb  the last quarter mile on foot and is known to be a very steep and tiring climb if you are not a trekker. Adventure lovers and trekkers usually love such routs.

The steep rout leading to the top

The fort Bhavanigad can also be found in this region itself. Along with that, the Dhodhavane waterfall which flows throughout the year is also situated in the Tikleshwar and Prachitgad region. This entire area is truly picturesque and if you decide to stay in Devrukh, you can visit all these places around Tikleshwar in just two days. The cool, pleasant winds and the peaceful environment will really appeal to your heart.

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