Budhal Sada – The Amazing Landscape

Budhal Sada, Budhal, Velneshwar, Tal. Guhagar, Ratnagiri



Budhal village, Budhal Sada or Budhal Kond are not on the average tourist map. The fork turning right on the Guhagar-Velaneshwar raod, near Adur, leads to  Budhal which is a small village with about 30 –40 huts. 


The village is reputed to be at least 1200 years old. 

The name “Budhal” signifies the area next to the sea. In olden times also it was known as “Buddhilgram” or “Buddhildurg”. It was once a flourishing port but now only Koli community live there, and do some fishing.

An Arial View of Budhal Sada.


The main attraction of the village is the semi circular cove and beach. The water here is so clean and pure that the ocean floor can be clearly seen.

An Arial View of Budhal Sada.


The whole scene, with hills on either side and the Koli huts, is very nice. The waves break high in the cliifs and  one is tempted to get a closer look, but beware !

Shri Durgadevi Temple, Budhal

There is a small hillock at the end of the village road. It was formerly known as Budhaldurg, The small temple is located on top of this hill. It is said that during the Peshwa period the temple spire was plated with gold, but thieves took it away.

There is no drinking water on top of the hill.  It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to climb the hill. But it’s worth to do so. One should not miss the panoramic view of the vast blue ocean and the rocky coastline you see from the top of the hill.

An Arial View of Budhal Sada.
An Arial View of Budhal Sada.



Article by – Parag Pimple, Book Mark Publications  (Saad Sagarachi)

Photo – Vilas Kane


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